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Tassels in Jewellery

Tassels, with their Eastern heritage, bring to the fashion forefront an Asian element that highlights the direction in which designers, tastemakers and fashions most wonderfully dressed are looking.

Tasbeeh Beads

Silver Findings Tasbeeh Beads Accesories Fine Silver have been added!

A Gold Mine in Sterling Silver Beads

Invest Silver Bead Istead of Gold!

About Us


Merhaba! Welcome! Willkommen!

اهلا و سهلا
Recepción! Boas-vindas! Benvenuto! Bienvenue

 Silveran is your # 1 Source for Finest Quality Sterling Silver Turkish Silver Beads!
 Producer and wholesaler for Finest Quality of Sterling Silver Turkish Beads, Findings and Jewelry.
 We are the Largest Turkish Silver Beads and Jewelry producer and wholesaler in Istanbul, Turkey.


Our belowed father Burhanettin Oztop was born July 1932 in Gaziantep Turkey, He passed away 31 March 2006 in Istanbul Turkey, He was worked in his fathers shop during II. World War because his father was in the Turkish Army as a soldier.  He has started to work in a silversmith shop as a apprentice boy after his father arrives home from army. He has worked there almost 8 years.

He was red headed. He was very clever and had very nice relationship with people. His nickname was Sarı Burhan. He did his pilgrimage on 1972. After that his friend started to call him Hacı Burhan. Sarı has changed to Hacı.

I have very nice relationship with him. Our shop was in Grand Bazaar, Kapalıçarşı Istanbul. I have started to work in our shop as apprentice boy on Saturday, holiday and summer time.

I have involved the business on 1995. We have have established Haciburhan Bead & Jewelry Ltd., CO. I have elected president of Company.























 web sites are all belong to our company.

web sites are all belong to our company.