Frequently Asked Questions

How to Buy Silver Bead and Jewelry From

It is very easy; to purchase silver beads findings and silver jewelry from our web site;
First you should register the link below;
than you should login the link below;

3D - How does 3D Secure work?

For each online verification of your credit card you will be asked for a digital signature. Subsequently, this code is immediately verified by your bank. There are a number of variants of the digital signature, depending on your bank. It may be a password you personally have selected, a password provided by your bank, or another option is being asked for a digital signature by means of a digipas or random reader.
Your card must be activated for Full 3D Secure by default. Please have your credit card activated for 3D Secure payment future via card issuer bank.

3D - What happens during a 3D secured credit card payment?

When you pay with a 3D secured credit card, the 3D secure service launches automatically. After you enter your credit card number and submit your payment, a 3D secure window will appear and your card issuer will display an authentication page. Enter your information and password and click submit. Once your identity is verified, your checkout continues.

3D - What if I do not have 3D Secure?

You may have your credit card enabled for 3D Secure services with your credit card issuing bank. For additional help, please contact your credit card issuing bank directly for the most up-to-date information about using 3D Secured card.

3D - What is 3D Secure for credit card payment?

3D Secure was created for Visa/MasterCard/JCB to further secure CNP's (Cardholder Not Present) internet transactions which creates a 'trust chain' for every secure payment made. 3d Secure payment method was to ensure users that even when shopping online all your information and transactions are exclusively meant to be used by you only.

3D - What is 3D Secure?

3D secure is a system which was developed by Visa and Mastercard with the aim of higher and enhanced security during purchases on the internet. The implementation of this system to the Visa Credit Cards is called "Verified By Visa" while it is called "SecureCode" for Mastercard Credit Cards.
In 3D Secure system, users are to be transferred to the web page of the relevant bank and enter the pin code of their credit card and thus ensure the electronic security as the pin code is to be know solely by the credit card holder even if the credit card number is known by third parties.
Please note that there is no extra charge for making payments via 3D secure system.

Branch - Do you have any branch or sales office in another city or country?

We have no branch or sales office right now, In near future we are planning to have a showroom for our walk-in customers.

Cart Time Limit - Each Shopping Cart has 45 minute time limit!

One important thing in our web site; Each Shopping Cart has 45 minute time limit. Some customer rarely fills shopping chart but not buys or pays. We have some items those are unique only one in our stock. That customer never buys and also other customers can not buy because of them. It is like someone fill cart in a supermarket but do not pay and left it alone goes outside with out buying. Goods are in cart but noting on shelves. This not good for market owners.

Do you use cadmium in your silver beads and jewelry production?

We do not use Cadmium in our silver beads and jewelry production.

Do you use nickel in your silver beads and jewelry production?

We do not use nickel in our silver beads and jewelry production. Nickel is not good for silver jewelries.

EMAIL - I have not any email from silveran or mostly goes to JUNK or SPAM BOXES!!!

** VERY IMPORTANT ** To ensure proper delivery of our emails, please take a moment to add us ( to your address book, trusted sender list, or company white list.

Email - I have signed up to purchase but when I tried to log in, the site said I had the wrong password. I asked to have it mailed to me but I got no email!

First; please be carefull for capital letters in your password. Two see your Junk Mail Folder. Three your mail box may complately full. Please check your limit form internet service Provider.

Eminbead - Do you have any Business Relationship with Emin Bead & Jewelry Ltd., CO?

Silveran Bead is newer trade mark of Haciburhan and Emin Bead & Jewelry Ltd., CO.

Haciburhan - Who is Haci Burhan? Do you have any Business Relationship with Emin Bead & Jewelry Ltd., CO?

Haciburhan is nick name of our belowed father Burhanettin Oztop. He was born July 1932 in Gaziantep, Turkey, He passed away 31 March 2006 in Istanbul Turkey, He was worked in his fathers shop during II. World War because his father was in the Turkish Army as a soldier.  He has started to work in a silversmith shop after his father arrives home from army.  and  are both belong to our company.

Price List - Could you please give me the price list for all you product?

Please Login to see price of items.

If you are not registered customer you should register before log in:

Pricing - How is your pricing? What are price breaks available for smaller or larger orders?

We have different price breaks are available for smaller or larger orders. We allow mixing of various items to reach greater price reductions. Please see below for Purchase Stage List;
10 gr, 40 gr, 70 gr, 120 gr, 200 gr, 300 gr, 400 gr, 600 gr, 800 gr, 1000 gr, 2000 gr, 2400 gr, 2800 gr, 3200 gr, 3500 gr, 4000 gr, 5000 gr, 6000 gr, 8000 gr, 10 kg, 20 kg.
You will see all applied discount in your shopping cart!

Producs - Are Your Productions all Sterling Silver? Do you sell Pewter or Base Metal Beads?

Silveran sell only 925 Sterling Silver productions. They are not silver plated over base metal or plastic. We do not sell base metal or pewter bead.

Rope - Do You Sell Rope for Necklace?

We sell rope and keep a couple of rope type according to our customers requests.

Silveranın eski müşterisi olmanin bir avantajı var mı?

Müşterilerimiz yaptıkları alışveriş miktarını ve kazandıkları indirim oranlarını kendilerine ait Hesap Bilgileri kısmında görebilecekler. Silveran sadık müşterilerine satın aldıkları ürün miktarına göre indirim uygulayacaktır.

What's the mean of Silveran?

One of our cordial friend advised us Silveran word asa a trade mark. We attached Silver word and last two letters of Haci Burhan. Therefore, we prefer Silveran.