11/10/2021 It is Lufer time Again in Istanbul!

It is Lufer time Again in Istanbul!

15/07/2020 Best Seller Items on July 2020

We gladly inform you about the Bestseller Items on July 2020! & The Bestseller Items on June 2020!

13/06/2013 Tassels in Jewellery

Tassels, with their Eastern heritage, bring to the fashion forefront an Asian element that highlights the direction in which designers, tastemakers and fashions most wonderfully dressed are looking.

05/06/2013 Tasbeeh Beads

Silver Findings Tasbeeh Beads Accesories Fine Silver have been added!

01/05/2012 A Gold Mine in Sterling Silver Beads

Invest Silver Bead Istead of Gold!

30/04/2012 Yeni Açılımımız

Yeni Açılımımız

29/04/2012 Silver Handmade Chains

Silver Handmade Chains

27/04/2012 Filigree Earrings Has arrived!

Chandelier - Pearl Earrings Has arrived!

25/04/2012 Babalarımızı da unutmadık

Babalarımızı da Gümüş Tesbihlerimiz Var!

20/04/2012 Telkari Küpeleri Sitemize Eklendik!!

Illk aşamada 45 model sergiliyoruz.

24/01/2012 E-Commerce Will be Easier!

E-Commerce Will be Easier in Turkey!

13/01/2012 Rauf Denktaş Vefa Etti!

Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti'nin Efsane lideri vefat etti!

24/10/2011 Earthquake in Van City!

Earthquake in Van City!

01/07/2011 Our Newer Trademark is SILVERAN!

Our Newer Trademark is SILVERAN will be with you soon!

10/03/2011 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan!

Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan!